We can scan just about anything! From that heirloom locket photo handed down from a distant relative, to an obscure film format, to an 8 foot wide original artwork. Give us a call or email with the details of your project & we’ll get you an estimate! Please include any details about the overall project, including timelines and quantities if you have multiples in mind.


Flatbed scans are handled by our Epson V850, and 12000xl.

EPSON v850 is used for most small photo and print scans:
Photo/Print scans up to 8.5×11
Large format film scans up to 8″x10″.

EPSON 12000xl handles smooth paper originals up to 12″x17″
Textured originals and originals with inconsistent sheen may be better suited for a camera capture




Our fabulous Sony a7r4 is the workhorse of our repro services, producing outstanding high res captures from almost any original. From 35mm film, to 8+ foot wide artwork, this process gives us the most control over your image for the best possible results. Our captures are free of glare and sharp corner to corner, and with adjustable lighting we can enhance or minimize details in your original like textures, metallics, etc.

FILM SCANS at up to 60* or 120MP*
Negative and transparency scanning
35mm film strips and mounted 35mm slide/transparency
Medium format film (120, 6×45, 6×6, 6×7)

Any size original not suited for flatbed scanning.
Most originals can be captured at almost any resolution according to your specifications.

*The live artwork area may be smaller than the rated resolution, especially for square originals that cannot use the full area of the sensor.  


Most clients need a finished file ready to print or use. This makes blanket pricing a bit tricky, where the amount of time we need to put into an image can vary dramatically depending on it’s end use. Your project will usually consist of some combination of Scan + Editing + Proofing + Printing. In the extremes this might be as low as $2 per scan for hundreds of uncorrected slide scans, or hours of extra retouching for a single special image. 

Print scans start at $10, with typical editing adding $10-$25
Film scans start at $25, with typical editing adding $25-$50
For oversize & Art Repro scans see our art reproduction page
Large files, damaged originals or tricky requirements may impact pricing

The below image is a 35mm mounted slide scanned for large print production. The basic scan is a $25 charge, but includes no edits and is not ready to use. If you are an expert doing your own edits, this provides an excellent baseline. Our finished scan was corrected, enhanced, and cleaned up for an additional charge of $75. If only a small print was needed, or if we skipped the AI enhancement with a more straightforward approach, the editing time could have been cut back significantly. Conversely with a few rounds of proofing & additional tweaking, costs could have increased. We are always happy to provide an estimate for your specific needs.