All of our output comes off the same archival printers, so the main difference between our print service options is the amount of time we spend working on each image. Setup/retouching is a one-time-charge, so extra prints are usually at the uncorrected pricing. Please note that “looking good on screen” will not neccessarily result in “looking good on paper” – uncorrected prints are not suited for most clients.


Our speediest and best priced output with tiered volume discounts for prints on select media (photo pearl, archival matte, and hot or cold press fine art paper)

NOTE! This service is not suited for general clients inexperienced with a professional uncorrected workflow. It is ideal for reprints of work that we have already printed/setup, or for new work coming in 100% print ready that will not be checked or adjusted in any way.

Uncorrected files must be supplied:

  • Cropped and sized to the exact ordered print size at no more than 300ppi.
  • Sized in inches (metric breaks our workflow)
  • RGB JPEG format only
  • Via our web uploader only

Extra Setup Charges for Uncorrected Prints

Setup time can be added on to sets of uncorrected images – for example a set of 20 images needing 30 min of total setup time for cropping or tweaking would bill as 20 uncorrected prints + $60 for editing time.



Our most popular service and the default for all of our specialty media (like canvas, dibond, ultramount, etc). Custom prints are checked, sized, and have basic corrections like minor tweaks for sharpness, brightness and colour to ensure you get a great print every time.

Most file formats are supported including JPEG, TIF, PSD, and PDF, including 16 bit files.

Extra prints from the same image will qualify for uncorrected pricing where applicable.



We gear up with extras including in person consultation; AI enhancements for enlarging, sharpening, and grain reduction; Extra retouching for cleanup of sensor dust; Advanced editing for tricky crop requirements; More critical color adjustments with proofing; Or anything else you can think of.

Advanced prints typically start by adding $20 to the cost of a custom print, however more complex projects are quoted and billed hourly for the time and materials required.

$120/hour plus proofing as needed.

Extra processing time may be required for Advanced prints, bookings subject to availability.