CORONAVIRUS UPDATE (open with restrictions)

The next few months will no doubt be a difficult time for everyone. As a small business, and as a key component of many of our clients businesses, we will do our best to maintain an effective operation moving forward in these trying times. However, the safety of our staff, clients, and families must be our first priority. Each day will be taken as it comes, but for now we have instituted a number of policies. 

1) COMMON SENSE MUST PREVAIL. If any of us have any reason to suspect we have contracted COVID-19, we will immediately self-quarantine and close without notice. We ask that you do the same and please stay home wherever possible.

2) WEB ORDERS will continue to be accepted for all services with the understanding that deadlines cannot be guaranteed and in some cases may have significant delays. This will be a safe and vital way for us to maintain our business through this challenging time, and to maintain our sanity as we take breaks from catching up on paperwork.

3) DROP OFFS & DELIVERIES should be pre-arranged and may be accepted for specific types of work.  Items dropped off may need to undergo a waiting period prior to handling/estimating (items that can be sterilized or handled safely will be excluded from this restriction at our discretion)

4) IN PERSON ORDERS & CONSULTATIONS will not be accepted for the next few weeks until we have a better understanding of how things are unfolding. For now we can communicate over the phone, via email, or via video chat using whatsapp. 

5) PICKUPS for completed orders can be made in person, however we are asking that you pre-pay wherever possible, and call ahead to ensure your order is fully packed when you arrive to minimize interaction. If you wish to bring your own bag we can drop your order into it so that you may observe the same waiting period before handling.

6) DELIVERIES are still currently available and we are instituting a reduced rate flat $10 delivery fee for any standard size order within the greater Victoria area. This may chance without notice at the discretion of our couriers.

7) HOURS OF OPERATION may change without notice. Where possible we will be working from home, so while we hope to remain open for our posted hours, please call ahead prior to coming by.

8) CLEANING policies have been aggressively implemented in the store, including door and payment terminal cleaning after each clients visit.

We hope that these efforts contribute to keeping everyone safe, and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with all of you. 

ThePRINTLab Crew.



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