Not only are our canvas prints gorgeous, they are lightweight, easy to hang, resistant to glare, cleanable, and often the most cost-effective option for a ready-to-hang print.  We don’t cut corners on our canvas –  everything comes properly sealed with an archival top-coat for UV, dirt, and abrasion resistance. Satin finish is standard, semi-matte or semi-gloss are optional. Looking for something extra special? We have a wide range of traditional and float frames perfect for elevating your print to the next level.

Premium canvas is our standard option and a truly outstanding material – a thick, bright white, archival poly-cotton blend with excellent contrast and saturation in a consistent weave. Stocked in rolls up to 60″ wide for even the biggest project.

Smooth canvas features a tighter weave offering increased contrast with a fine texture ideal for maintaining detail in your image. An excellent choice for small prints, it’s a great option if you prefer a more photographic look to your image.

Cotton Canvas is a 100% cotton fabric with a slightly lighter weave and an OBA free coating. A bit lower contrast & saturation than our premium canvas, it makes an excellent choice for green applications where it is an almost fully biodegradable product. As the most “fabric-like” media we stock, it is also well suited to craftier projects like hanging banners with sewed pole-pockets/hems (not fire rated, not washable)

NEW!  Metallic Canvas has been upgraded, featuring a stunning metallic surface for a unique look. With a higher white point, increased metallic sheen, and substantially improved density/contrast, this media is a huge leap over our older metallic canvas, and suitable for any image. (semi-gloss top coat is standard)