Newly Display Rail Hanging System

The PRINT Lab now stocks Newly Display Rail, an inexpensive, elegant, and dynamic way to hang your artwork.

  • Easy installation to any wall
  • Cables can be inserted and removed at any point with a simple twist motion
  • Perlon cable is unobtrusive with 40lb capacity
  • H100 Hooks offer easy height adjustment with 40lb capacity
  • R10 Rail is low profile and elegant
    Anodized aluminum or white (paintable) finish
    6.5′ & 10′ standard lengths, custom cutting available.
    40lb / yard capacity
  • For detailed pricing and custom cut rails please email us for a quote
  • Starter Rail pack: $117
    (x1) 6.5′ R10 Rail with hanging kit and end caps $57
    (x3) 4.9′ Perlon cable with H100 hooks: $20 each