Maximum transfer size 2GB.  Please read instructions carefully. 


You will receive two emails after uploading:
1) An automated upload confirmation right away
2) A follow-up from us as soon as we have checked your upload. (Typically within 2 business hours)
If you do not receive both emails please contact us to ensure we have your order.


NOTE: We do not offer generic “machine prints” at 1-hour photo pricing. We are happy to make prints at any size, but due to the fully custom nature of our process and our exclusive use of archival media our minimum charge per print starts at between $3 and $10ea. 

We do not offer document (xerox / laser / card) printing at this time. 


1) Ensure your email is correct!

2) Include all the details for your order (deadlines, materials, sizes, questions, shipping instructions, etc.)
We will confirm everything before processing your order, there is no commitment at the upload stage.

3) Drag and drop or select your files

4) Double check everything, submit your order, and make sure to leave the page open until your upload is complete.

5) Ensure you receive both your upload confirmation and follow-up email.

6) Anything requiring urgent attention must be confirmed immediately after completing your upload. A phone call is best, or an email titled “RUSH”. Please do not leave a voicemail.